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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

it has been a busy time

I know have been super busy as the weather is improving, and home improvement season has begun.  But I have made just a little progress (and I mean little) towards my string quilt.

I drew up my layout (which can be seen in the last post) and found I will need 80 center black strips.  So all those have been cut.  Then I just picked a color and started sewing together strips of blue together and attaching to the center black piece.  As I have mentioned, I have made slow progress, but it is a start.  So far I am liking my method, it is similiar to the paper piece, but no paper will be used. (I don't have the patience to cut out 80 squares of paper)

I hope to have a lot more done by Sunday evening, but will have to see.  More painting walls and trim awaits me along with various going away parties for friends.

Happy Wednesday all!


linking up to Work in Progress Wednesday  :)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Finishing HST and start of the string

I have been busy trying to finish up my blue and green HST quilt I started the other weekend.

Unfortunately my original idea for the back of the quilt fell through. I tried over and over again to get things to line up correctly, but just could not think well enough to make it work.  So, I started over and came up with this!

I must say, I really like it.

I worked on quilting it, and my original thought was simple straight lines every 2 inches or so.  Did one direction like that, then decided to mix it up.  Final result was:

Conclusion while sewing this quilt, keep it simple.  Don't think too abstractly when sewing pieces together, it just requires too much brain power.  Also, with quilting, you can pretty much do anything it may turn out cool.  Even with artistic areas of flair  :)

It is also May 1, so that means that Kate and I have decided to start our next quilt project together.  We have decided to complete a string quilt.  I have found my inspiration at favequilts and also through the book Kate got me for Christmas.

So I have drawn out the pattern for my string quilt.  Now time to get cutting.

Happy Wednesday!