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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

it has been a while

I haven't forgotten to post.  But rather have been a little busy and my time to sew has been limited.   :(  But in the last week, I have been quite busy with the sewing machine working away!!

  I started this HST last weekend, and as of tonight I have the complete top sewed together!  So excited to have this one completed this far in such a short amount of time.  I am loving the mix of yellows and blues. And yes, there are sailboats, and fish all over the blues.  Now to come up with the design for the back.  

 Below the square in which it all extends from.  Again, like my last HST, this square is located in the upper left region, offset from the center, for additional character.

I also have been working on the string quilt gradually.  Sewing all the have sides of the squares of one color and eventually adding the other color has been a tedious process.  I have gotten a little impatient and had to sew some of the pieces together (using my template for guidance) and needless to say, I AM LOVING IT!  All the cutting, and sewing with no idea what it may look like is coming out beautifully!    This helps re-engerize me to finish up sewing the purples with other colors and cut the red and sew it all up.  Hopefully I can find some time this week to finish this.
 all of the pieces I have sewed to another square.  Just pieces of the soon to be finished top.

I love orange and I just think the black helps define the orange and each color! I love scrappy and this is all scrappy.  Definitely one of the coolest designs I have done!.  Thanks Kate for the idea.

It is a work in progress, but hey, aren't we all?  It is only Wednesday,and can't wait to see how it looks come Friday  :)  (linking up to WIP Wednesday)