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Sunday, June 1, 2014

The handy dandy seam ripper

When I first started off sewing, I was instructed to get a seam ripper.  I kept thinking,"I have scissors, why do I need one of these?" Since it was only a few bucks, I picked one up, but thought I would rarely use the thing, since I have scissors.  Well, was I wrong!.  That little device is awesome and handy!!  I never realized how much I would depend upon the seam ripper for all my little mistakes until recently when it seems like I am correcting my seams (still learning on this awesome new machine).

Like everything else, I have found I have my favorite one.  The purple one has the larger handle which is easier to use and manipulate when trying to get the seams than the smaller ones, one of which came with my new machine. (the white one is bent to show it comes in two pieces).

Today, I found another great use for the seam ripper: opening the packages you get which they bundle several things together!  I think I may keep one downstairs with the general scissors...

So in conclusion, get a seam ripper you like!!!

So do you use the seam ripper for anything else?  And what is your favorite kind??.