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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

it has been a busy time

I know have been super busy as the weather is improving, and home improvement season has begun.  But I have made just a little progress (and I mean little) towards my string quilt.

I drew up my layout (which can be seen in the last post) and found I will need 80 center black strips.  So all those have been cut.  Then I just picked a color and started sewing together strips of blue together and attaching to the center black piece.  As I have mentioned, I have made slow progress, but it is a start.  So far I am liking my method, it is similiar to the paper piece, but no paper will be used. (I don't have the patience to cut out 80 squares of paper)

I hope to have a lot more done by Sunday evening, but will have to see.  More painting walls and trim awaits me along with various going away parties for friends.

Happy Wednesday all!


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