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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

oh my so busy!

By busy, I don't mean I am overwhelmed with stuff to do.  But rather, my discovery of the pattern I was planning on using for a baby quilt I was putting together was a little...well.. overwhelming.  (And that is probably understating it).  Look at this time, WOW!

So my original thought was to alternate blocks of owls with 2x2 blocks with fun critter stuff.  It looked cute, and was turning out awesome in my head.  And then....the above picture happened.  All I had to say was WOW!

Something had to change.  Sashing was added, border around the entire project and waaa-lahh!  The new updated top.  Not nearly as nauseating as the original plan.

For the back, I thought I would use (and almost use up) the adorable clothesline flannel fabric that my husband picked out couple of years ago.  I love using flannel with kids blankets, just so soft!  I had to keep testing the fabric to make sure it was just as soft as it should be (and don't worry!  it is)

So this little baby quilt is finished, and went to its new home Sunday.  I hope the new little one loves this quilt and all the cuddly goodness it has to offer.

Overall, this was a good learning experience and now I appreciate solids a lot more.  morale of this quilt, don't underestimate the importance of some good solids mixed into your quilts.  :)

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