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Saturday, July 26, 2014

BOM 3- teal and orange

About a month ago I joined this block of the month group on facebook and I made my first block (which was block #3).  I loved the end result, that I just took off making a few of them, wanting to see what a few of these lovely blocks linked together would look like.

After making a few, I stepped back and examined them.  My first thoughts, "wow this is going to be a bright quilt.  Hope it won't hurt your eyes and glow in the dark."  And then I thought " this is going to be a bright quilt- and definately makes you smile!" So I kept going, and 30 squares later, some 400+ HST, I have all the blocks done.  :)

Now the question is, how should I lay out the quilt top??  this block is so much fun because it has so many options!  So, what is your thoughts??

option 1?

option 2?

option 3?

option 4?  

or option 5?

What do you think???


  1. 3 or 4 speak to me. Looking good!

  2. #2 would be my first choice then #5

  3. My vote is #4. I had to chuckle because I just made a quilt that actually was glow-in-the-dark:

    1. now a glow in a dark quilt would be awesome for a kid who loves astronomy! Hmm, maybe I should look into making one for my Fiance?? :)