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Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Thanks to Kate, I have discovered an entire pin on Pinterest on different ways to organize HST to make fun looking patterns.  And who can deny an awesome chevron pattern???

For the project, I used material I cut previously to make a rag quilt, then decided after cutting all this fabric that I really did not feel like all that tedious cutting at the end; especially after just finishing 2 other rag quilts. Plus, I wanted to try my hand at free motion quilting.  :)

I made this quilt more of toddler size for a late baby gift for a friend of mine, which I heard once her daughter received this quilt she loved it, and was dragging it around the house.  Nothing makes you feel better than knowing of your creations makes someone smile.  :)

This was my first attempt at free motion quilting. I think it turned out okay.  Have to admit, I am kind of digging the FMQ.  It is like a puzzle as you are finishing your quilt!



  1. i am going to have to make an adult version! So cute and sweet!