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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Texas- the mighty flag quilt

I recently saw a quilt online that was a scrappy Texas quilt.  LOVED IT!  Not for me though, I am partial to the great mitten state.  But for a friend from Texas, I knew it was perfect.

And her bridal shower was just 2 weeks away.  PERFECT!

So I got busy working with the final dimensions of this great quilt being 50 inches by 70 inches.  The red and white sections are each 25 inch by 30 inch.  The blue section is 50inch by 40 inch.  All squares were initially 5.5 inches, which means in the end, each square is 5 inches. I went for a scrappy look to help give the quilt more dimension.

I tried out spray basting on this beauty. And I AM A FAN!!!  I don't think I will ever go back to pin basting again!  I think spray baste cut down on time by 50-75%.

I also learned how to applique with the star. I found a simple star pattern online, traced it onto a piece of fabric I heated some stabilizer onto.  Then I sewed it onto the top piece.
The back I kept simple with a nice red fabric.

I free motion quilted this one.  I still need a lot of work with my FMQ but I love it.  So quick and beautiful!

And I think my friend who received this quilt loved it!  :)  That is the best part!


  1. Love that you tried out so many new techniques with this guy! & it came out beautifully!

  2. thanks! I am super proud of this one with all the new stuff. The spray baste made a huge difference! Never going back now! You must try this stuff!