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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Carpenter Star- yes I love!

Oh my, when I first saw the carpenter star I was in love.  And now that I have pieced together one, I AM SO IN LOVE (Don't worry Steve, I still love you!)

Love the simplicity yet character of the pattern.  You could make many small ones and piece them together, or just make one giant one!  So  I drew up a chart of piecing it together on graph paper (figured this was the safest route for my sanity after trying to just do something out of my head it drove me nuts!).I knew the general colors I wanted so I colored it in to help with laying it out.

 I will admit that I ended up going with blue where the yellow is on the chart and yellow where the blue is on the chart, which really gave my brain some exercise  :)

Figured out how many HST I would need (16 in each color combo) and 16 solid and went to work cutting yesterday.  And of course I used the new awesome method at making HST!

Today I laid the pattern out on the bed and then started piecing it together section by section.

I was very concerned that the blue would make it look psychadelic, but it def does not. I love it.  Now to finish it off with some awesome trim and quilt it out.  Can't wait to see the final product on this one.

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  1. Hint, hint much? ;) jk!! When I get over this horrible virus from hell I'll try to set something up :) til then, your star makes me want to get to work on mine!!