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Monday, October 20, 2014

Labels- it really is the little things

So I have dreamt about having labels in past for my quilts, but thought, eh, whatever.  After making a friend a quilt, she finally convinced me that "yes, I need labels now"  So I went home, uploaded the file my Husband made for a future label, and bought some labels from  You can even design your own fabric on this site.  HOW COOL!

About 10 days later, they arrived and my first thoughts after ripping the package open was "THEY LOOK AWESOME!"    I love the little details, but yet the simplicity.

So I sewed one of these awesome labels on a quilt I finished, and um, yes, they are even better than AWESOME!  So yes I am quite excited about them.    And now I am thinking that a fat quarter may not be enough, I want to put them on everything!

I just want to add, Thank you Spoonflower for giving me this joy of something so simple as my labels.  :)  And thank you to my Husband for designing the label.

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  1. Blog lovin fixed my "can't see the post" problem. :) love spoonflower! Steve did a great job with the design too!