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Saturday, April 13, 2013

A finish and a start

As you may have seen in a previous post, I have been working on a quilt for the local chapter of the SPCA.  Today they are having a huge fundraiser, and I only hope this beauty can bring them in some money.

I am partial to dogs, so yes there is a lot of dog print throughout the quilt.  But I did manage to incorporate some cats.  And owls. And birds. And Ladybugs.  Overall I think it is rather a happy quilt.  I love making rag quilts, they are so simple and when finished after a few washes, they are just simply adorable.

I also included a label for the quilt using our blog name and then personalized it with the letter L to denote I made the quilt. ( Kate, yours will be in the mail soon! I promise!  )

You can make your own custom labels on I have read thru various blogs.  But I did the quick and dirty method with an iron on since I was in a hurry to get this quilt donated.

After finishing the SPCA rag quilt, I decided I really wanted to try making something else before I started my next rag quilt (I have a special request for a hello kitty style rag quilt- which I will be starting on this weekend)

I found this pattern on pinterest which connects to a flickr account.  The original design per the description was meant for a wedding guest sign in.  That is cool.  But the pattern is just cooler!! I really wanted to use lime green and dark blues for this quilt, so that I did!

I really has been a simple quilt to put together with accomplishing half of this Thursday night alone.  I will say, it is isn't perfect, but as Kate says, it has design elements  :)

I also started on the back.  I have a hard time just putting a solid color back there or just hodge podging stuff together after I worked so hard on the front.  So I took a few left over squares (math was not my forte Thursday evening) and made this.  It isn't finished.  I ran out of white fabric.  So when I go to the store to get some batting, I will be looking to match the remaining hole.
As you can see, almost enough fabric.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  Happy quilting.



  1. I love it Lisa!!!! I might steal this idea for one of my Christmas quilts:)
    & the back is darling!

    1. Super quick and easy quilt to make! Go for it! I love mine thus far.

    2. It would pry be red & green... Maybe Ted & white?

    3. Ted is a rather interesting color. I always have a hard time imagining it with any other color :)