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Monday, April 22, 2013

what do you do while you sew, besides sew??

So I have always wondered, does anyone use their sewing time for something other than sewing??  Now I am not saying, you claim to sew but really hide in the closet eating a box of chocolates, but double task.  Perhaps you contemplate dinner for that night, mentally shop for the upcoming event or just lose yourself in what you are doing.

I personally have found a great way to continue with my love of reading while sewing by listening to books on CD.  I am really lucky to have a job where I have access to a great library with a ton of books on CD with no limit on the number I can check out.  I have been on a James Patterson kick as of late.  Anyone have any recommendations on other good books to read or listen to??


Busy bee quilts and lets get acquainted.


  1. i sew while i cook dinner:) & supervise lunch/rest time. when i have no projects going i put on my darning foot & leave a few practice quilt sandwiches around so i can practice my free motion quilting. i kind of wish i could hide in a closet & eat chocolates tho;)

    1. ha i actually do hide in a closet and sew. Occasionally there is chocolate, but sometimes it is just water.