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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Rag Quilt: Making the square sandwich.

Its a day late, for finish it Friday, but it was completed on Friday...

And behold, rag quilt finish.  This is one of the rag quilts I am working on for the rag quilt tutorial.  (next installment for it is below  :)  )

That would be Dexter dog hiding behind the quilt trying to figure out what I was doing while these pictures were taken.  The first picture is the back, which is made out of flannel.  And the 2nd picture is front which is made from typical quilt fabric

And without further wait, it is step two of the rag quilt

So you have gone through and cut up your squares.  Please note, I yet again noticed a typo in the total number of squares (please forgive me, this is the first tutorial I have done).

Now you are going to take your squares and make a sandwich with the batting in between the 2 pieces of fabric.  To start this process, I like to take all my squares and batting and lay them out.  This way I can mix and match to make sure I get a lot of variety throughout the quilt.

 Then I make the sandwiches, with a piece of batting in between the 2 layers of fabric.  I stack them up as you can see below.

Next you sew them together.  I chose to make a simple X in the square to secure them together.
And you keep sewing and sewing until you have a stack of all your batting sewed in between 2 pieces of fabric.  Please keep in mind, if you are doing 2 different fabrics,( like I completed in the above finished rag quilt), make sure to have one of those pieces of fabric be the back (i.e. flannel) so the finished product will come out correctly.

Linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts for Friday finish and Kelly at The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking, for being my inspiration/guidance to this rag quilt tutorial

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