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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Busy Busy week, more quilts!

Been busy this week starting projects, and about mid way thru a couple of them.

I decided I loved the offset pattern of a square with just 2 colors.  Me loving scrappy, included a variety of fabrics in same color.  This has been a super quick sew thus far.   The back portion seems to be taking me the longest. Next time I try to piece something together, I am going to try to be methodical about it and not just randomly piece together.  It just requires too much thinking.

 And yes, the pups love checking out the new items that are being modeled.

I have also started a rag quilt for per request from a friend of mine.  Hence the fabric selection.
 Yes, you see it correctly, hello kitty!
A few pieces sewed together at initial stage of sewing into final piece.  I think it will come out really cute in the end.
I am hoping these pieces to be finished this week (doubting for Friday as I do have to work all day tomorrow and haven't figured out how to sew and work all day).  But this weekend is looking promising :)

Linking up to Lee at Freshly Pieced  :)  Have a great rest of your week!



  1. I love the diamond layout for HST, and the offset ones are very cool! I have a friend that loves Hello Kitty, I made her a diaper bag with some fabric once, she LOVED it.

    1. I just finished the hello kitty blanket and I wasn't sure about it. But it is really cute finished!! I will post a picture of it later. Thanks for visiting!

  2. The offset square quilt is looking great!

    1. Thanks! It is one thing I really like about this pattern.

  3. I love the backing...and the colors on your quilt, very pretty. Visiting from Let's Get Acquainted. Have a great day.