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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Finished Swoon!

Here it is! I lost faith in this one part way through (these aren't my usual colors) but felt cheered all over again when I pulled it out of the dryer. I started this project wanting it to look like a giant sunshine, & I think I succeeded. My 2 year old claimed this for her own as soon as she saw it (*gasp* Mama, it's for EMMA!) We now call it the sunshine quilt & it lives on my daughter's bed.

& the back--

These pictures are pretty awful. I was so excited to have this done, I snapped them with my phone at night (please excuse the "helper" in the front!) Two of my kiddos picked the orange & pink fabrics I used on the back, & did their first-ever bits of sewing to put them together. If I wasn't totally in love with this quilt, that alone would be enough to put me over the edge!


  1. Looks great. I can't wait to get started on mine this weekend.

  2. I love mine. Cuddle with it on the couch daily, and then drag it around the house at times also. :)