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Monday, March 18, 2013

Twin Birthday Quilts

Back in December I asked my oldest boys what they wanted on their new blankets & the answer was an overwhelming "TRUCKS, Mama!" These are just simple patchwork, but since most (ok, all) of my sewing is done is stolen moments & 15 minute snatches throughout the day, (not to mention my habit of starting 4 or 5 projects at once), I've been poking away at these since January. I finally finshed the binding yesterday & all that's left is to embroider their names. (I've found it's best to label anything I make/buy for a specific kid to prevent later property disputes.)

That's baby brother modeling the new quilts. He thinks every quilt finished is specially made for him!
I also found some time yesterday to cut these up:

Like every other quilter in the free world, I jumped on the scrappy trip bandwagon this winter. I loved the pattern & the process for the scrappy trips, & decided to make Christmas versions for my aunts. I have 7 aunts to sew for, so Lisa suggested I aim for one quilt a month & that's my goal. (Yes, I could have used the time spent cutting to embroider my sons' quilts, but my quilting ADD wouldn't let me work on one project.)
Finally, just because Let's Get Acquainted is about pets this week, here's a gratuitous shot of Felon, one of our 3 feline babies. (We also have 2 parrots & assorted fish.)

Happy Monday!


  1. Congrats on your finish! Looks fabulous!

  2. What fun quilts! They are bright and cheerful. I love that you put their names on it to avoid fighting--I mostly never buy something for one of my kids if I can't get the exact same thing for the others in a different color. There are some exceptions, of course, but not many!

    Thanks for linking up:) You do have quite the collection of pets! Two parrots sounds like fun!