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Thursday, March 21, 2013

scraps...hmmm crazy quilt!!! :)

Scraps, scraps.  Always have leftover scraps.

Now what to do with them

I have decided to make a crazy quilt, or something like that.  Not sure if
that is the technical name of it, but it is the basic idea.  There is no
organized fashion to putting things together, except all pieces must be sewn
to another piece in some fashion or another.

I am using multiple different thread colors, well at least that is the plan.
As of right now, I have started with teal thread.  I have my machine set to
the zig-zag stitch (well it is the fanciest coolest one it does) and the
widest setting. I want the thread colors to enhance the quilt  :)

I have noticed most crazy quilts are completed in squares that are then sewn
together.  As I have been working on my piece, I think I know why; to make
sure it lays down flat.  As you can see below I have a couple of wrinkles.

But, alas, it is a crazy quilt, with no pattern.  So I have figured out how
I will fix this.

First, I will iron it flat.

Then cut in the middle at the crease of the folded over part.

Next I will just sew one side on top of the other in the normal crazy

And finally, will continue to just sew on random pieces.

This is my first attempt at craziness with quilting.  I will def be trying this again, but with the squares I have seen in other posts.

Stay posted for updates on my crazy quilt.

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