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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Taking a little break from Quilting...

Our focus is quilting, but it is good to branch out a little right??  Now I
am not going to do anything intense like sewing an outfit for my dog Dexter.

But perhaps making something I regularly use around the house to save a few
dollars down the road, now that I will do.

After talking to my good friend Laura Beth, I became inspired to make

I figure I use them daily, and with Steve around all the time, the paper
towels are going twice as fast.

So a trip to the fabric store was needed.  I wanted the fabric to fun, have
personality, and be a little more durable for the multiple washings it will
be going thru.

Once I got the fabric, I cut them into various size squares (small 10 inch,
medium 12 inch and large 15 inch) then set to hemming the sides.

And look at what I got, fun napkins to clean up with, and save the paper
towels and environment a little.  This project is super quick and easy.
Instant gratification.  And adds a little flair to every meal.  :)

Happy Saturday Everyone  :)


  1. I love those fat chickens :)

  2. they are pretty awesome. I will post tutorial tomorrow. Along with intro intro on rag quilt. Basically of what you will need and what to expect :)