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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rag quilt intro

As Kate mentioned previously, I love my rag quilts.  They are the first thing I learned how to sew on my machine, and continue to be my go to when I need to make a quick quilt.  Probably one of the best parts is the more you wash the quilt, the better it looks.  :)
When provided enough time, and am not sidetracked with other things, 1 rag quilt can easily be completed in a week.  But when I teach Kate how to make this quilt, we will take a little bit longer to complete.
Below (I hope) are some examples of the quilts I have made.  Please forgive me for any mistakes, this is the first time ever I have blogged.
This is the first one I made.  Yea, it has multiple different stitch types throughout it, because well, the machine had different stitch types.  I had to try them all.  :)  And no, reading the instruction manual was not the ideal option for me.
 Another rag quilt I completed.  This one I hear spends time helping my friend study law.
And this one to the wonderful friend who gave me my sewing machine  :)
and for some variation, I tried random width rows in rag style.  I hear this one is cuddled up with frequently.

These are a few of the ones I have completed.  I have many more planned in the near future, and can't wait to try some variations.

Stay tuned to the end of the month, for instructions, lead by moi.  :)

FYI  the site I learned how to sew with the tutorial at imperfect homemaking linked below.

thank you imperfecthomemaking  :)

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