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Monday, March 25, 2013

Napkins Napkins, Let's Make Some Napkins :)

As Kate mentioned, I have been on a napkin making frenzy, (and yes Kate,
some are headed your way this week!)

I decided while making them, to make 2 different types and various sizes.

Lets start with the first type I started with, a simple square hemmed out.

To start, I cut various sizes for my napkins, since I had no idea how large
I really wanted them to be.  Sizes are 10, 12 and 15 inches to start.  After
hemming they are all a little smaller by ~ 1 inch.

Next, I folding over two opposite edges (about 1/8-1/4 inch width) ironed it
down, and then folding it down again and ironed.  This way the edge not
exposed to fray as easily.  These sides were then pinned down, and then

Next I did the same to the other sides.

When I got the corners, I made sure to stitch around each corner to help
secure these edges as well.

This truly is a simple little napkin to make.  I chose some fun fabric to
add flair to each meal.

The second type of napkin I made actually is quicker to make then the above
because there is no hemming.

I took two pieces of equally sized fabric (here 12 inch squares) and matched
them up with the nice sides on the inside.

Next I stitched around all of the edges leaving ~2 inch opening on the last

Next I worked on turning the piece inside out using the hole made in the
last step so the nice sides of the fabric on are now facing out.

Luckily I have small enough fingers that I can grab each corner and pull all
the fabric out.  But if you don't, a chop stick, knitting needle, etc can
help accomplish this.

I then lined up the fabric at the hole with the edges folded in and stitched
along this to close it up. I tried to use the smallest seam I could as in an
attempt to hide this stitch.

And viola, another finished napkin.  I chose just simple cotton fabric for
these napkins.

Hope you look into using some scraps or just picking up some fun cheap
material to make your own napkins.

Thank you Laura Beth for the inspiration.


  1. Your nails look great in the pics!;) Thanks for a great tutorial!!

  2. i guess if I keep doing these tutorials I better keep my nails up :)